I’ve been making music myself for 10 years now and have released few “POP” singles that were successful. I was also part of the pre-selection for the Eurovision Song Contest in Iceland. My favorite genre now is leaning more towards R&B and Soul. I want to help develop those genres and learn to think like Stevie Wonder and other top musicians from those genres.


I was born and raised in Iceland. In our house there was always and everywhere music. My father was a drummer and my mother sings. She taught me how to sing. We listened to a lot of music at home – Fleetwood Mac, the Beatles, Dolly Parton, Celine Dion. We sang a lot at home too. Music in Iceland is often about nature and has beautiful melodies. I think that’s really characteristic of the music we make by essence and I’m proud of that expressive side.


I followed my girlfriend to the Netherlands in 2018, because I wanted to broaden my musical horizon. As far as I’m concerned, the Netherlands has turned out to be a good choice. I ended up at the Wisseloord Academy and started the full course there. At Wisseloord I learned to work on new angles for my music with the best equipment, the best people, in an inspiring environment.


I already have quite a network and the necessary experience, but musically I am trying to start over here. To find my own voice. Reinventing myself as an artist. For example, I try to dig deeper when I’m writing lyrics. And I think about things like artwork; which image I want to portray as an artist. I have been warmly welcomed here in the Netherlands by other musicians and I love to see how generously people at Wisseloord share their knowledge and networks. Malik knows many people all over europe and will always try to help you.


If you compare Iceland with the Netherlands, you will see that EDM (electronic dance music) is very predominant. Good to watch and learn from, because in Iceland that genre is not that big. I came here with some goals and I’m happy with the progress I’m making. A first result is the EP that will be released later this year. My next step is staying inspired, to experiment and expand my catalog with new songs.