Brasserie Wisseloord

A unique place in the heart of the forest of Hilversum. Come discover our lunches and diners in the world famous Wisseloord Studios

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Our Story

In the heart of the Netherlands, within the legendary Wisseloord Studios, a new symphony unfolds – Brasserie Wisseloord.

Nestled amidst the studio’s creative ambiance, Brasserie Wisseloord invites guests on a culinary journey, blending Dutch heritage with global inspirations.

Led by master chefs, each dish at Brasserie Wisseloord is a harmonious fusion of flavors, echoing the studio’s musical legacy.

Whether you’re a connoisseur or a curious traveler, Brasserie Wisseloord promises an unforgettable dining experience. Welcome to Wisseloord’s latest masterpiece, where gastronomy meets creativity in perfect harmony.

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