What the students say… Justice and Ole Nikolaï

Justice and Ole met at the Wisseloord Academy and had an instant connection, now they spend their days making music together and enjoying all that the academy has to offer. We spoke to Justice and Ole about their music, their time in Wisseloord and of course their friendship. Interested to know more? Read the interview, or have a look at part of the interview below!

Ole Pederson is from Bonaire and was visiting his mother in the Netherlands when he found out about the Wisseloord Academy and decided to pursue his musical aspirations here.

“I had finished school on Bonaire and didn’t know exactly what I wanted to do next, but I did know I wanted to give music a real try. I have been writing music since I was thirteen, but only just started producing music right before I left Bonaire.”

Justice got into music because he always saw his dad making music and eventually his aunt told him about Wisseloord Academy. He signed up to be part of the first group of students at Wisseloord Academy after a talk with Malik, the CEO of the Wisseloord Studios.

“I started making music when I was about four years old. I love making all kinds of music, especially pop and American trap music. At Wisseloord I mostly want to learn about producing, mixing & mastering and songwriting but I also enjoy the business classes.”

Audio-engineer music at Wisseloord Academy

Justice and Ole are two students out of the 40 that make up the very first class of Wisseloord Academy. The Academy is located at Wisseloord Studios, a well-known studio where all types of artists come to record their music. It makes for a dynamics environment that’s working out well for both the students and the recording artists. There’s music being created every day and that just does wonders for the energy.

Both students have chosen for a very different experience. Ole moved to the Netherlands to stay at the Academy while Justice lives in Almere and travels to Hilversum. But they both feel that everything comes together at Wisseloord, regardless of where you’re staying:

“We have full access to all the materials, instruments and studios at Wisseloord, and everybody around is constantly working on music. So there is always someone to talk to, new people in the industry to meet and new music to make. That really encourages us to constantly make music,” says Justice. “And you continuously run into musicians, engineers and songwriters at Wisseloord, people that are happy to share their experiences and leanings. For me, that really adds to the learning process.”

Teachers are audio-engineers and music industry professionals

Besides actually creating music, a big part of the program of Wisseloord Academy are the classes taught by music industry professionals. Each week there are three challenging lessons of four hours each where teachers give out assignments meant to either teach new ways of writing or producing music or focus on the business aspects of being a creator in this industry.

“The teachers really want us to learn and see us grow. They take their time to communicate with us and you can see they really enjoy teaching us.”

or Ole the lessons at Wisseloord Academy also mean exploring a new part of making music:

“Although I have been writing music since I was thirteen, I still see myself as a beginner. I only started producing music right before I came here. I had never sung or rapped but the teachers and producers here really motivated me to rap and write. So I’m experimenting with oldschool hiphop and trap music. The teachers motivate us, bring us insights from the industry and take their time to help us. It doesn’t matter if that takes fifteen minutes or an hour, they always take their time.”

Audio-engineering music and learning from new friends

Justice and Ole are now good friends who enjoy making music together. And besides being taught by the teachers and visiting industry professionals they also learn a lot from each other. Justice is inspired bye Ole’s writing and freeystyling skills while he, in turn, is teaching Ole about the technical aspects of music. Working and making music together is one of his favorite things to do at Wisseloord, providing him with the energy and motivation to keep on working.

“Ole writes so fast and is great at freestyling, his flows are amazing. Whenever I make a beat, he instantly has the words to work with it. Outside the classes we are just making music, bouncing and it sounds really nice and clean.”

“Justice helps me with the technical aspects of making music and the difference between verses and choruses. He also helped me to be at ease when making music and opening up. It feels like I’m destined to be here at Wisseloord Academy.”

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