Lars koehoorn – Musician, Songwriter & Sessions

After I completed my preliminary education at the Prince Claus Conservatoire, things went a little differently than expected. I did not return to the conservatory, but ended up at the Wisseloord Academy. And in hindsight that was the best thing that ever happened to me.”


‘The coronavirus ensured that my agenda with performances was wiped empty in one go. Because of that I could fully focus on Wisseloord Academy. Every hour of free time I had, I was busy making music and implementing the new knowledge I gained during the lessons.’


‘During the training I came into contact with music styles that were new and unknown to me and I was able to get used to working with several people during a writing session. The great thing about Wisseloord Academy is that you are not seen as a student, but as a full member of the music industry. And for me it’s simple: if I make something it has to be good, because I want to perform at the highest level. The disadvantage is that I cannot stop working until I think it is finished.’


‘I was used to write a lot for myself as an artist, but during corona, releasing new material was not so useful for me, because no performances could be done. As a result, I started trying a lot of new things like writing for other artists and exploring new genres. I really enjoy it and it works well for me, so I will continue to do that.’


‘At the beginning of the academic year, BMG came by to tell us what they do. I went up to them to introduce myself and have a short chat. Just show your face and make the first contact. Something I normally never did, but I couldn’t pass up on this opportunity.’


Malik Berrabah (producer and owner of the studios) keeps a close eye on the development of all students and saw the rapid progress I was making. And after I had supplied him with new music, he asked me if we could talk about the possibility of contracting me with Wisseloord Publishing/BMG Benelux. For me that was the main goal of my training; taking the first steps towards a serious career in the music industry.”


‘Now that I’m signed to BMG, I do a lot of sessions and it actually goes faster than I thought possible. I have been able to do several writing camps, get to know a lot of writers, producers and artists and thus gain new experiences. The variety in the work is what makes it so much fun for me; one day you’ll be working on a Dutch pop song, the next you’ll be working on an English EDM stunner, and then you’ll be working on a nursery rhyme. Every day is different, everything is possible. The first songs I worked on have already been released and behind the scenes there is still a lot of new material ready.’


‘I am very happy that it all went like this, because there was no ‘Plan B’. I can now fully focus on music because I took this turn. The approach at the Wisseloord Academy is extremely personal, so you have a good idea of ​​what you need to work on. Their guidance has helped me to make great strides in my development, ultimately resulting in a publishing contract.’


‘Today I am working full time as a songwriter and producer building a portfolio of releases and collaborations. Without the Wisseloord Academy, I probably never would have had that opportunity. I am therefore working hard to make it a long and successful career and together with the great team of Wisseloord Publishing and BMG Benelux I am sure that we will succeed.’


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