Sander Visser : Musician, Artist, Songwriter, Producer

For me, music is communication. A language like no other language that can express emotions, images and other intangible things.” (…) “My parents both raised me with their own culture. Beatles and Pink Floyd from my dad, from my mother jazz, theatre and volunteer work. In high school I always wore headphones. Music transported me into an alternate universe.”

“I bought a drumkit when I was 14. Soon after, I bought a guitar so I wouldn’t keep the neighbours awake every night. Around that time I also started playing in a band. A bit later I discovered that a stage is a place where you can be the most outspoken version of yourself.’

‘Although I have always been involved with music, I was too afraid to chase further music education. I thought that getting a degree in Economics would leave all my options open. A rational choice. It wasn’t until I started working in finance and experienced burnout that I knew I was walking a safe road with a dead end. Now that I have more life experience, I understand that there is no ‘Plan B’ for me and that I can only follow 1 path: the path of music.’

‘Following a course at the Wisseloord Academy seemed like a good place to meet more driven people. I already was self-educating theory and technique, and I learned producing. The Wisseloord Academy attracted me because the program is at the heart of the music industry. The courses are very personal and because you collaborate with a variety of people you’re building a diverse network at the same time.”

“This year, I have learned a lot about myself as an artist and as a creative person. By collaborating with other students and conversations with teachers, I am discovering where to find my own ‘voice’. Next to that, I learned that I tend to get fixated on end results, but that I don’t allow myself a proper process. This blocks my entire creative process.’

“Some days, nothing comes up, while the next day I suddenly have a banger on my hands. When I look back on last period, I have produced more than I have ever done before. I am finally creating a path for myself as an artist.” (…) “In fact, Wisseloord has made me discover who I am and how I can return to this person. That might sound vague, but to me this is a very clear.’

‘Currently, I am working on an indie pop concept: ‘People Call Me Jasper’. The idea came from a business class here, and I decided to take this idea and run with it. The concept is about focussing more on the lighter things in life.’

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