Songwriting: Motivation during the practice process

Many songwriters and producers eventually run into the same problem during their practice process during a course or music education. We would all like to have the latest world hit on Spotify tomorrow, but the reality is that it doesn’t work that way. Creative people see progress quickly, but the biggest problem is that often needs time and attention. A constant form of practice is the best path to take towards the destination of success. Getting used to and learning new rhythms and habits is essential but creating a realistic pattern of expectations also helps. At the Wisseloord Academy we guide you through the entire practice process in a way that suits you and in a personal way.

Learning new habits

If you want to get better at songwriting and/or producing, there’s only one thing to do; practice, ask for feedback and work hard. However, most people working in music have an irregular life schedule. Many musicians, especially at the beginning of their career, still have a job in addition to music for a living. Practicing their creative skills can therefore sometimes miss out. The only way to handle this is to make hard agreements with yourself; plan your practice moments per week and do not deviate from this schedule. As soon as you start planning instead of working on your music on spec, you will see that you will work more hours and as a result your performance and progress will improve.

Look at your progress

It is a habit of musicians to look up the comparison with their musical heroes. Often these are also the people who sparked your interest in making music. It’s okay to pull yourself up to that or compare yourself to it, but don’t forget that it can be an inhibition for your own process. Many people lose motivation after constantly making the same comparison and coming to the same conclusion; I’m not quite at that level yet. What they forget, however, is to look back at what steps have already been taken. Go and compare your work from three years ago with the work you are making now. You will probably notice that there is great progress in this. Making a career in music is often a long road, so occasionally appreciate the steps you have already taken. You will see that this does wonders for your motivation.