“Songwriting is so special to me. Start with a simple idea for a song. Then write a text and find a few chords. And it all develops into a story that people listen to. Fascinating. My dream is to ‘break through’, to be heard and to ‘score’ hits with songs that make me happy. With friends from my football club I was in a band for years that mainly played covers. The band split up recently, but I have enjoyed playing together for so many years. I’ve always known that music was something special to me and that it is something I’m passionate about.


A few years ago I participated in the Voice Kids and then experienced first-hand how much fun it is to be intensively involved with music. After this experience I knew for sure: I want to perform and write my own songs. I started at Wisseloord Academy with the classes ‘The Art Of Listening – songwriting and production’ and ‘DAW Production’ (Digital Audio Workstation). Now I write and sing my own songs and record my own demos. Exactly what I wanted.


I’ve already recorded a lot of demos but haven’t released any material yet. The latter also has to do with the fact that I can be quite a perfectionist. But I feel my songs are getting better, so the time when everyone can hear them is getting closer. I am already looking forward to the performance that me and other students from Wisseloord are preparing. Students of ‘Stage Act Development’ – a class I started taking this year – get the chance to perform in De Vorstin.


The Dutch pop climate is lively. I personally am very ambitious and I love to create surprising stories and special songs with the best quality possible. I think singing in a Dutch language is pretty cool, especially when Herman van Veen sings it. But I personally find it more pleasant to make and sing songs in the English language. I find songs by John Mayer, Ed Sheeran or Finneas o’Connell and Billie Eilish inspiring to listen to.


I accompany myself singing on piano and guitar. Just before this interview I finished the lyrics of a new song ‘Girl On The Train’. I’m happy with it and I’m going to record it this afternoon. I also just bought a new microphone, which I was also able to get with a discount thanks to Wisseloord. There is always a tipping point when making a song. Then you’ve paid so much attention to a song that you can get lost. There’s a point where you have to say I’m letting it go.


I think Wisseloord Academy is a great place with great teachers. I have learned a lot and have also met quite a few people. You feel that Malik the CEO of the studio and his team – know the music industry inside and out. Working together with other students is also instructive. You always learn from it, no matter if there is a click with the people with who you work on certain projects or not.