Teimoso – Singer, Songwriter, Producer

temoso-singer-songwriter-producerAt the age of 10 I already knew that music would be my future. I wanted to be a producer and to live in New York. A friend of our family is a pianist and I soon realized that I had a feeling for music. Thanks to him I had piano lessons until I was 10. Then – just like my grandfather – I started playing the drums. Because of my dyslexia, I learned how to use computers early on and discovered DAW, Digital Audio Workstation.’


‘I don’t want to live in New York anymore, but I’m still determined to earn my money with music. I started singing – for the first time – at Wisseloord Academy. Now I don’t just want to be a producer only, but also want to be an artist.’


‘In my first year at the Academy, I did the Full Course. This year I follow the modules ‘Songwriting’ and ‘Stage act development’. Before this music course, I did another music production course: Pro Audio Education.


‘My first weeks at the Wisseloord Academy went fairly well because of the preliminary training I had. But with the songwriting classes, I quickly realized that this school would be very different and would pay attention to some much deeper parameters of how to be an artist or music producer. “What are you telling? How do you work with other people? How do you deal with critical feedback?” I learned a lot about myself in a short period of time.’


‘I found it instructive to see how I can turn chaos in my head into a product that suits me. And you also look for people you like to work with. I made a few good friends in my first year at the Academy. What you share with them is a passion for music and dreams about the things that you want to achieve.’


‘It’s great that today’s technology makes making music so much easier. Many more people nowadays can show their talent. For example, if you can’t read music, but you do have a great feeling for it, you can still deliver a good production. It’s also nice that in this profession it doesn’t matter whether you have a lot of experience or if you are still very young: if it’s good, it’s good!’


‘I don’t focus on a special target group with my music. Everyone may like the music that I make. I want to stay close to myself and that will be quite a challenge. Because in order to grow, you also have to be open to new things.’ (…) ‘I was regularly sent down difficult paths here during the classes but this made me stronger. This is because I can often be insecure about myself and my music, but I know what I need to work on and believe I will keep improving with the teachers help and guidance. I trust in that hunger and drive.’