Giorgio Spedicato

Giorgio Spedicato, born in 1992, is an Italian musician and music producer. He’s been making music since 2012 with the moniker Machweo and is currently an author and producer within Sony Music Publishing Italy.

In the last ten years he released music for many independent Italian and American music labels (Lefse, Hyperjazz, Maciste among others) and he played more than 200 live shows in Italy and other European countries. In 2019 he played at Eurosonic Nooderslag and in the summer of the same year he imagined and conducted a radical impro concert with a band composed by James Holden, Emma Jean Thackray, Populous, Any Other, Bienoise and many more.

Giorgio signed with Sony Music Publishing in 2020 and he devoted his music career to writing and producing music as an author since then. He won a golden album in 2021 as the author for Cuore Amaro, which is the song sung by Gaia at Sanremo Music Festival in 2021.