James Castelijn

In 2012, James joined the DJ collective BANGANAGANGBANGERS, focusing on producing and releasing their own work. Strongly inspired by artists like Noisia, Eprom, Hudson Mohawk, Ivy Lab, G Jones & Joker, they immersed themselves in the world of underground bass, (half-time) DnB, and glitch hop. Despite operating in a niche market, the energy of both the music and the DJ act brought the collective to stages such as Mysteryland, We Are Electric, Woo Hah, Melkweg, Solar Festival, ADE (own event), and many more.

After completing his private study in Audio & Studio Engineering at the Volver Academy in Tilburg in 2013, James began his studies at the Herman Brood Academy in 2015. Here, he connected with rappers who asked him to handle the mixing and mastering of their songs, marking the official start of his career as a mixing and mastering engineer. Following his graduation in 2017, demand and workload increased, quickly adding major Dutch Urban names like Henkie T, Snelle, Young Ellens, Latifah, Kimono, Chivv, Defano, Numidia, and record labels such as Quatro Vision, Trifecta, Avalon Music, and Rotterdam Airlines to his credit list.

Since 2017, James has also been involved in the development of Wisseloord Studio’s House of Music and Wisseloord Publishing in Hilversum. In 2020, James took on the role of both Mastering Engineer at this facility and A&R Manager of the House of Music and Wisseloord Publishing, a collaboration between BMG BNLX and Wisseloord. As the A&R manager of the Wisseloord Publishing, James has been involved with organizing numerous international writing camps and has been responsible to connect both national and international writers.