Masterclass Malik Berrabah

French musician, composer, and music producer Malik Berrabah, has been working internationally in the music industry under numerous nicknames for over 30 years.

He has been writing and producing under cover for countless bands, TV shows, Hiphop artists, films, pop artists, brands, etc etc… you name it.

Next to his musical career, he has been the CEO and Co-owner of the world-famous Wisseloord Studios in The Netherlands since 2016.

Wisseloord has had a rich history for over 45 years and is one of the main music hub of continental Europe.

The Rolling Stones, Elton John, U2, The Police, Chris Brown, David Guetta, and many more have been working in Wisseloord’s massive studio complex, which includes seven big recording studios, 20 writing rooms, a video green room, several offices, and seven bedrooms.

In 2020, Malik also created the Wisseloord Academy, which since then has remained one of the most acclaimed music production and songwriting career development center in Europe with campuses in Hilversum, Paris, Milan and Tallinn.