Do I get a diploma?

At Wisseloord Academy, we find it important to tell our students that no diploma guarantees a successful musical career. Nonetheless, the audio/music world is oversaturated with people graduating from schools from all over the globe. Every day, we receive between 5 to 10 CVs from bachelor or master degree students dreaming of doing an internship in our studios, which is of course impossible.

Therefore, we decided to stay away from the academic system and follow an approach based on personal development and flexibility.

Every 10 weeks, students following the full course get the opportunity to present their work to the pedagogic team and guests from the industry.

The jury members write a report based on this system and this report is used to design a program that caters to the growth of the student.

Furthermore, students who complete the 3 yearly presentations obtain a CRKBO-recognized certificate of completion of our course. But more than anything, they gain a network, connections and recommendation letters that will help them open many doors within the international music industry…