Wisseloord residency – Folamour

Meet Folamour, A popular French Electro-Dance DJ and producer who was recently on a  production residency in Wisseloord studios. We had a short conversation with the artist and here is what he had to say ;


  • How do you feel about the vibe around here?


Folamour:  I love it. It’s a really special place I think. I’ve never worked in a big studio like this one. There is like “a family vibe here” where you can feel that everybody is super involved in every project. Every time I needed help I could ask and someone would be willing to try his best to help. I worked with so many people here and everybody was like 100% on top of his game . It’s an amazing feeling.

  • What are your views on the Netherlands music scene?



Folamour: Everytime I’m playing in the Netherlands I see fans react positively. Dutch people are always open minded in regards to various genres. I can feel that the people are open to various music cultures and enjoy partying hard. Amsterdam is one of my favorite cities to play in.


  • Did the atmosphere at Wisseloord improve your creativity?


Folamour: Yeah, for sure. Since I got here I’ve been working full time every day 9 to 9, back to back. Next to my own sessions, I had the pleasure to see some of the classes of the Academy. All the songwriting courses, the music production classes, the whole music course is absolutely amazing. I feel super inspired and motivated. And there is such a vibe here. With the history and everything but even more, it’s the hub of people that inspires me. You want to be part of something great here. So I’m working a lot. And a lot of great ideas and inspiration have come to me for sure. It feels like being out of the city. I also love being in the woods.