How do I enroll?

In order to join Wisseloord Academy, you need to go through our selection procedure.

Wisseloord Academy has lesson streams for several levels :

The Wisseloord team designed some classes specifically for people who are just starting to make records or produce music by themselves or with some basic preliminary understanding. We open our doors to students who want to dedicate themselves to making a living and developing a career in the music industry.

Our team also has classes for the more experienced songwriters, composers and producers. Professionals and semi-professionals looking to fine tune their craft.

For all levels, we ask the applicants to send us some of their work. It can be anything, ranging from finished tracks, released music, phone demos, rough mixes, sketches of lyrics, etc.…

Our goal is to enter the creative universe of our applicants in order to see if they are a good fit for our “family”.

After we study your material, we plan an intake interview in order to see if you are a good match for our Academy and help you design the best course for you by selecting the modules that fit your needs.