Muziek theorie

Carlos Perez D’Anda

Carlos Perez D’Anda, also known as Big Red, is a Miami-based Grammy-nominated record producer, engineer, and music executive. Alongside his distinguished education from Berklee College of Music, he brings over a decade of experience crafting multi-platinum-selling music across a wide array of genres. His collaborations range from artists such as Beyoncé, Alicia Keys, and Ariana Grande, to Swedish House Mafia, Camilo, Anitta, Luis Enrique, among many others. His heightened sense for detail and innate talent for pushing sonic boundaries, coupled with his passion for artist development and direction, have firmly established his presence as a significant driving force in both the Latin and global music scenes. Additionally, he played a key role in the design, planning, and installation of Alacran Studios, Miami’s most esteemed recording hub, which he has now led for four years as its Studio Manager & Chief Engineer.

Malik Berrabah

Malik Berrabah is owner of Wisseloord and founder of the Wisseloord Academy. His track record as a songwriter, composer, arranger and producer is rich of countless national and international records in various genres. He has contributed to the production of numerous albums, singles, television programs, etc., and regularly advises the Majors in a neutral way on the level of new musical projects in development. Malik is also Adviseur of the Amsterdam Fonds Voor de Kunst, the organisation providing state grants to the main cultural projects of the dutch capital. His love for sharing with growing talents leads him, when his schedule allows, to participate as a jury for international conservatory exams.

Since the beginning of his career 25 years ago, Malik has decided to do all his musical work under various pseudonyms in order to keep his career detached from any stylistic labels, to keep his creative freedom and to stay away from the ego games of the music industry.

Bastien Corné

Bastien Corné is a musician, composer and music teacher. He obtained a master’s degree in musicology at Paris Sorbonne and a bachelor’s degree in jazz performance at the University of Montreal. He currently performs on stage with artists like Coco Bans or Le Noiseur.

Giorgio Spedicato

Giorgio Spedicato, born in 1992, is an Italian musician and music producer. He’s been making music since 2012 with the moniker Machweo and is currently an author and producer within Sony Music Publishing Italy.

In the last ten years he released music for many independent Italian and American music labels (Lefse, Hyperjazz, Maciste among others) and he played more than 200 live shows in Italy and other European countries. In 2019 he played at Eurosonic Nooderslag and in the summer of the same year he imagined and conducted a radical impro concert with a band composed by James Holden, Emma Jean Thackray, Populous, Any Other, Bienoise and many more.

Giorgio signed with Sony Music Publishing in 2020 and he devoted his music career to writing and producing music as an author since then. He won a golden album in 2021 as the author for Cuore Amaro, which is the song sung by Gaia at Sanremo Music Festival in 2021.