Music Business scholarship

This scholarship covers 60% of the fee of the Career Development & Industry network module and is renewable for up to 2 years.

The Music business & entrepreneurship Scholarship will be awarded according to the following criteria:

  • Demonstrated financial need (Letter about your goals and situation, taxes rapprot of the previous year, Salary slips, and as much as you can think of…)
  • Participation in business activities, leadership roles, and satisfactory progress connected tot he Academy.



1. Eligibility

  • Open to students of all nationalities
  • Age limit (between 17 and 24 years old)
  • Enrollment in a program at the school
  • Satisfactory academic record


2. Application Process

  • Submit a completed application form, including a personal statement and proof of enrolment.
  • Provide all requested documents according to the desired Scholarship.
  • Provide two letters of recommendation from music teachers or industry professionals.


3. Scholarship Award

The scholarship will cover full or partial tuition fees for the academic year (see the details depending on the Scholarship selected) The amount of the scholarship may vary depending on the individual’s financial need and musical merit based on the commitee’s decision. The scholarship is renewable on a yearly basis, subject to satisfactory progress and musical/career performances.


4. Deadline for Application

All materials must be received by June 1st at the latest.


5. Selection Process

A panel of team member of the Wisseloord Academy and professionals will review all applications and auditions. The panel will select the scholarship recipients based on musical talent, potential, and financial need.


6. Notification of Award

Scholarship recipients will be notified by August 1st. Non-recipients will also be notified.


7. Acceptance of Award

Recipients must sign and return a scholarship acceptance form to the school within a week.


8. Use of Scholarship

The scholarship funds may only be used towards tuition and related fees. Recipients are expected to maintain satisfactory progress and musical performance Recipients are expected to be present to at least 85% of the classes, or them might have to refund partially or totally the Scholarship.